January 28, 2019

Donate for the HONEYLAND kids

You being here means it’s safe to say that you have already seen our film, therefore you’ve met Atidze, the Sam family and their 7 kids.  In fact, they are 8 kids now, since the latest addition was born on the day of the film’s premiere at Sundance back in January. The Sundance Kid… who would have thought.

Anyway, they would be happy to meet you too, but they are in Honeyland, a place far, far away, where anything goes and nothing is for sure, not even running water in the heat of a summer’s day or a warm meal on a freezing winter’s night. 

The good news is that you can help Atidze, these 8 kids – Mustafa, Muzafer, Veli, Ali, Alit, Gamze, Ljutvish, the infant baby girl which they ended up naming Elif, and their parents – the mom Ljutvie and Hussain their dad.

You can help them have a better life by donating. But, after all, would’ve been just one way transaction, and since  these are tough kids and even tougher people, they wouldn’t want your pity, so instead they would like to make you an offer where you buy some of Honeyland’s finest honey and they’ll earn their hardship.

Send us a request for a 30g jar full of Honeyland’s finest honey and we’ll personally make sure that both you, Atidze, and the Sam’s get what’s theirs. 

Not to mention, the earnings from your goodwill will mostly go into an education fund for the kids. The rest will improve their day to day lives starting right now!

The Honeyland Team

Currently, the honey can be shipped only to the U.S, Canada, the EU and Macedonia. The minimum amount for donating by purchasing the symbolic little jar of honey is dependent on where it is to be shipped.

The minimum amounts are:

US – 30$US;

CANADA – ___C$;

EU – 25€;

Macedonia – 500den.

This is the minimum, but you can donate as much as you can!

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